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This Foyer shoulderbag is a little older. It spend a few more years in our stock, so it needs to go now. If you like the photos, here is your chance for 290€ instead of 395€.

Below are the product specifications, the link goes to the product page of the Foyer where you will find more pictures.


Shoulder bag


As handbag manufacturer in Germany, quality and design are the primary focus for us: Foyer is visually flat, allowing it to be worn inconspicuously beneath a coat, and yet has enough room, thanks to the expanding fold on the side.

Size M: 23 x 23 x 7 cm, main compartment closed with 2 magnets, right and left. Zippered compartment, three pockets. With two non-adjustable shoulder straps, ca. 90 cm.

Made of nappa leather from southern Germany, lined with suede, reinforcement made of recycled leather remnants. Closing with two magnetic fastenings, for beauty and durability with palladium finish.

Delivery time: Germany 3-5 days, EU 5-10 days, non-EU 10-15 days after payment by bank transfer to designated bank.

After a few months, the bag will be glad to be treated with a colorless leather care product.

The FORM exhibition shows juried products, which are designed with special quality and great, creative ideas. The presentation gives an overview of the most important developments in the field of high quality products.

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