Papillon A


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M: 22 x 21 x 9,5 cm
Handbag, Black/Maroon


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This Papillon shoulderbag has a few flaws. The sides are bulge a little too much, there are small wrinkles on the bachside and it has a small phone pocket. Other than that it is in good shape and works perfectly fine.

On sale for 250€ instead of 395€.

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Fine bag, made in Berlin, from top-quality leather

for special occasions. Room for everything that accompanies you to the party. The classic bag fastening, placed in the middle and opens by pressing lightly, the bag opens away from the body.

Size M: 22 x 21 x 9,5 cm, main compartment with, pocket for Smartphone and an additional compartment with zipper. Long shoulder strap, average adjustment approx. 114 cm.

Made of nappa leather from southern Germany, lined with suede, reinforcement made of recycled leather remnants. The brass fastening, as well as the buckle is of palladium. A platinum version is also available.

Delivery time: Germany 3-5 days, EU 5-10 days, non-EU 10-15 days after payment by bank transfer to designated bank.

Leather bags like to be stroked. Such as treatment with a colorless care product, helps with the stress from everyday use.

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