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An Olbrish bag also enjoys having a few rub downs. With or without protective care lotion. Every once in awhile. To be able to better tolerate rain and bad weather. If something needs to professionally attended to - off to the repair shop.

Nappa leather

Nappa leather

Our nappa leather is already impregnated at the tannery here in Germany. This protection decreases depending on the extent of exposure to wind and weather. At least once a year the bag should be treated with a colorless protective care for nappa leather. We recommend our protective lotion from Olbrish, especially developed for our nappa leather.
If your bag needs a complete overhaul after a few years, please send us the bag. We will then contact you to discuss what is possible and what isn't and also what cost will be incurred.

Nubuck leather

Nubukleder - Abendtaschen - Vintagelook - mit samtener Oberfläche

Our nubuck leather is, hand-rubbed nappa leather from Italy. The surface becomes very lively through the sanding of the leather with a changing color effect in vintage look. This surface is lovely though also very sensitive. This is why we already impregnate the nubuck leather at the tannery - though this protection will diminish over time. Please use a special spray for nubuk leather to protect your bag.

Horsehair fabric

Olbrish - Handtaschen - Abendtaschen - aus Leder undRosshaargewebe

The horsehair fabric does not require care. The hairs themselves are dirt-repellent. If individual hair ends stand up from the fabric, which occurs from time to time though does not affect the durability. Though it is possible that the hair end can become caught in your clothing. This is why we recommend removing the up-standing hair ends with nail scissors or even better with an electric razor, leaving your bag looking very chic again.

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