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Guarantee and Repairs

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30 days return policy

Our bags are designed and handmade to have a durability and last for at least 10 years.
If a defect does surface, please return it to the dealer or send it back to us in Berlin. We are normally able to repair the bag and send it back within 10 days.
We have a 2-year guarantee on the workmanship and functionality of our products.

Leather is a natural product and thus changes over time, as is also the case with the fittings which show their life span. For this reason, changes in the materials such as color change and signs of wear are not included in the guarantee.

Though this does not change the fact that you may send us your bag for refurbishing, even after years have passed, and we will send it back. We will inform you what is possible and not possible, plus the cost. We really want that your bag can accompany you through the day for a long time.

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Olbrish Produkt GmbH
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+49 30 78704666
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