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An Olbrish handbag custom made to your wishes.

An Olbrish handbag in red with orange or only in pink or in...?
You need a special compartment for e-reader or notepad?
You need a strap in a special length?
You would to have an Olbrish bag in a mirror position?

You would like an Olbrish wallet for left-handers?

Olbrish handbags, briefcases - handcrafted to your specifications

Our collection is handmade in Berlin. This is why we are able to make an Olbrish bag according to your individual wishes.

In order that our bag model is your bag, we are available for consultation and can advise you on what we think is good, what is possible and what is not and what the price will be. or +49 30 78704666.

Please note: Bags and wallets which are custom-made for you as a unique model are not able to be returned or exchanged, except for legal warranty claims.
Olbrish handbags, briefcases - handcrafted to your specifications

handbags - choice of color - custom made bags Berlin

You are not able to find your favorite Olbrish bag in your favorite color or your desired color combination at the Olbrish Shop?
We can make your individual Olbrish bag in the desired color or color combination for an additional charge of 10%.

If you wish to see your color choice "in reality": We will send you, free of charge, our original Olbrish leather color sample, which may make your decision easier.

If you have any questions about your selected Olbrish model, please feel free to call +49 30 78704666 or send an e-mail to, as returns and exchanges of custom-made individual orders are not allowed except for legal warranty claims.
handbags, purses - handmade of nappa leather - German leather

Nappa leather

Our primary material, soft and extremely durable

Handbags made of Italian nubuck leather - handcrafted in Berlin Germany

Nubuck leather

Hand-rubbed, with variable color tones

clutches made of horsehair fabric and leather - perfect for theatre

Horsehair fabric

Woven from the hair of a horse's tail

Handbag compartments custom made - handcrafted in Berlin

There are objects which have a specific place in your handbag, protected and easy to reach.

No matter, whether an e-reader or notebook, if you want to know if an item will fit in a compartment of an Olbrish bag, send an e-mail to, or call us 0049 (0)30 78704666. We can tell you what is possible.
In order for us to give you a competent answer, we need to know the dimensions of the item (width x height x depth in cm) and you may inform us what you prefer, if you want a 3-D pocket (compartment 1) , a flat pocket (compartment 2) or a pocket with zipper (compartment 3).

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about your personal Olbrish model, as returns and exchanges of custom-made individual orders are not allowed except for legal warranty claims.
Compartment 1

Compartment 1

3-D pocket with depth

Compartment 2

Compartment 2

flat pocket

Compartment 3

Compartment 3

zippered pocket with fold

A pocket in a handbag has much to endure in everyday life. This is why we use a suede leather lining for most of our bags, not fabric which would tear at the first opportunity. The leather lining is normally light grey in color so you are better able to see the contents of your bag.
If we do use a fabric for technical reasons, it is a sturdy cotton blend fabric that is able to withstand the hard, daily life of the pocket.


Our three straps, elegant, standard and endless have proven lengths, though sometimes this is not sufficient.
In this case, please inform us which type and length your strap should have on which Olbrish bag model.
You should measure the length by a bag of similar size. To do this please use a tape measure as a shoulder strap over your shoulder and measure the length from the top of the bag - over your shoulder back to the top of the bag.
This is the middle adjustment for the two adjustable shoulder strap positions and you then have the possibility to adjust it shorter or longer. With a strap where there is no adjustment, the length measured by you is the total length.Tip: According to our experience, the strap has the correct length when you are able to comfortably reach under the bag with your hand. Your enquiries here, we can tell you what possibilities there are for changing the length of the strap and what the cost will be.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about your personal Olbrish model, as returns and exchanges of custom-made individual orders are not allowed except for legal warranty claims.



Padded shoulder strap, not adjustable



Adjustable strap with buckle



Endlessly adjustable strap, without holes

Straps are subjected to a lot of hard wear. This is why we make our straps according to the rules of the bag making trade and not according to "as cheap as possible, e.g. with cardboard insert".
The straps Elegant hat a leather latex insert, that is soft and at the same time durable.
The straps standard and endless are also made of the same leather as the handbag, folded two to four times and sewn at the both outer edges. The straps are attached and sewn on the bag with an extremely tear-resistant thread.
If a thread should happen to tear open, please send the bag back to us, leather repair shop on the corner may not have our materials and our machines.

Portemonnaies für Linkshänder, Taschen für Linkshänder

For left-handers and wallets.
Left-handed people usually have their wallet in their right hand, because their fine motor skills are generally better with their left hand and therefore it can grasp the coins better and put the cards in the slots. Therefore, we offer - without surcharge - our wallets in a mirror-image, so that the coins and cards will not fall out.

For left-handers and handbags.Most of our bags may worn on either the right or left side of the body. However, some of our bags are asymmetric or are accessible through an opening on the side. These bags are made to be worn on the left shoulder. If you prefer wearing the bag on your right side we can make the adjustments for you to wear it on the right. Since Wolfgang Olbrisch, founder of the company, is himself sometimes a frustrated left-hander: We can make the bag for you in mirror-image format - at no extra charge.

Portemonnaies für Linkshänder, Taschen für Linkshänder

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