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Design bags in Berlin - Olbrish handbag and business bags - handcrafted

At the beginning of a bag development, Wolfgang Olbrisch often has a memory which will not go away, the shape of a stone, the shadow of a dress, the hand gesture of a skateboarder. If this leads to an idea for a bag design, the first shapes are cut from paper, folded and glued. If the idea survives this point, then the work begins with the model maker. It will be sewn, turned, once again turned, again assembled, discussed, re-thought, a new beginning and then a final bag model is decided upon and a drawn on the computer and made as a model.

After we have presented the new model at trade fairs, design and handcrafted events, a pilot series is produced, with an arch between high-tech machines and elaborate, precise, carefully handcrafted work. So that you receive a top-quality handbag, there is no hourly rate, no piece-work at Olbrish. Every bag is produced with 5-20 bags of the same model and handcrafted by the person - their identity is not only for the bosses important.

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