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Olbrish Taschendesign Berlin- 1974 - die erste Designertasche entsteht

In 1971 Wolfgang Olbrisch offered the Berlin walled-in city tourists hand-made hippie belts and hand-dyed hair clips on Kurfürstendamm. In 1974 the first handbags of vegetable-tanned leather, hunting bags from the Renaissance era and the melancholy Art Nouveau were his inspiration. Using vegetable-tanned leather in times of scarce resources, it was not only the Club of Rome who was the spiritual guide.

1981 - Taschen aus Lederresten - Einzelanfertigungen - Coverb entsteht

1981 - Even then the Zeitgeist, spirit of the times was apparent: with the new collaboration with Bernd Goebel, a protest against the throw-away culture was initiated, bags were made of leather remnants, collages appeared. But it remained the same: custom-made, bags for money, whatever the male or female customer wanted. Cover b was the company's name, in 2007 it was renamed Olbrish, and GbR became a GmbH, Olbrish Produkt GmbH.

1990 das erste Olbrish Team - Täschnerinnen übernehmen die Produktion

1990 - The first employees, the first team. From now on the professionals would be in charge of production in Berlin. After Wolfgang Olbrisch had studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin in the company of the "Jungen Wilden", things became serious: no painting, no sculpture, rather his own expression of form came to life: geometric shapes characterized the first handbag collection. Bernd Goebel was in charge of finding the enthusiasts for the handbags.

2003 - Eröffnung Olbrish store am Kurfürstendamm - Designerhandtaschen

2003 - Once Ku'damm - always Ku'damm. In 1971 as street seller in front of the store, now the opening of their own store with a creatively mature collection, at the best location: Kurfürstendamm 210, next to Maison de France.

2006 - Modernisierung Taschenwerkstatt - resourcensparende Maschinen

2006 - Should we produce our bags until the end of our days with production techniques of the 19th century? The 21st century arrived in our workshop with the decision to invest in a computer-guided cutting machine. The creation of models is still done by the pencil sketches, paper and scissors, but now there are new design possibilities. In the following years, the form language became more sensual, softer. The cutting is now done with an electronically guided cutting head. This is employee-friendly and resource-saving, allowing their inspirations to quickly be translated into reality.

2007 - Olbrish Taschen weltweit anerkannt - red-dot best of the best

2007 - The harvest. The Olbrish collection is distributed worldwide, is present at trade fairs in Frankfurt, London, New York and Tokyo and winning international awards. The design language of Olbrish has become worldwide, a distinctive, unique charcteristic. This is the year of Wolfgang Olbrisch winning reddot best of the best.

2011- Gewinner - focus open in Gold - Wave Schultertasche - handmade

2011 - Award of focus open in Gold to Bernd Goebel, we are already working in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. The plan: We want to expand the product range - till now the men have not been considered enough. We are dreaming of making the form language even freer. Responsible behavior to employees, customers and nature will continue to be the center of attention.

2017 - We were extremely pleased with the award of the Bavarian State Prize for Creative Arts. Though even more important for us was to react to the changes in the selling market. More and more well-stocked retail stores are disappearing from the cityscape. Internet is becoming increasingly important. This is why we are very interested in your reaction to our new website, which aims to speak more directly to our customers. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions, as without our dialogue with you, our collection would not have the maturity it enjoys nor the many international awards.

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